TCCHS Showcase 2016

“TCCHS Showcase 2016”

~Article by Carolyn L. Wells
January 12, 2016

Let me encourage everyone to map out three dates – April 22, 23, and 24, 2016 – for this year’s “TCCHS Showcase.” This year’s event, which will occur on a Friday night, a Saturday night, and a Sunday afternoon, has as its theme “Showcase on the Silver Screen,” a musical production that will see a compilation of movie songs, ballads, and blues spanning the musical eras of the 1900’s into modern day. Darlene Groves, organizer for the event and a 1972 TCCHS graduate, stated this year’s “Showcase” would again see the extraordinary talents so much a part of Todd County’s student body along with the many talents of alumni of TC as well. When you toss in the assorted talents of ‘adopted’ Todd Countians, you can be assured the 2016 version will again be a production worthy for all to witness. Mrs. Groves messaged, “One of the greatest joys in my teaching career was when I saw former students ‘shine’ in their accomplishments.  It’s difficult for me to express in words the magnitude of the joy I experienced during the ‘2015 Showcase.’  I am so humbled for the opportunity to work again with such talent in Todd County.”

Assisting Mrs. Groves with this year’s production will be several TCCHS alumni including Vivian Templeman (Class of 1978), Jeremy Long (Class of 1998), Leslie Rager (Class of 1984), Brittany Prather (Class of 1991), and Carolyn Wells (Class of 1968). Also providing their talents and expertise are Calvin Warren, TCCHS band director; Lee Ann McCuiston, 4-H agent; and Halie Sawyers, a TCCHS senior who is known throughout the area as an extraordinary talent. Mr. Warren, who is in his eighth year as band director at TC, emailed, “I am very excited about the 2016 Todd County Showcase! Planning for the 2016 production from the ‘stage to the silver screen’ is underway, and the community can expect many exciting performance elements.”

Halie Sawyers, who has also performed in recent months at the Hard Rock Café in Nashville, added, “‘Showcase’ is a great opportunity for the community to come together and create something. What’s rewarding about it is a job exists for everyone, even if it’s a job that’s off stage.” She also explained, “Last year’s performance was a tremendous experience and a huge success; we learned so much about how to put on a good show. I’m really excited to see how this year’s show turns out.” Those who saw the production in May 2015 will recall outstanding performances by many students ranging from the elementary level to middle school to high school. Also contributing their expertise were folks from the community whose talents as singers, dancers, performers, and production managers are well known. This year’s event will again couple the talents of older folks with the extraordinary talents of the future generation. Mrs. Groves added, “We all have favorite movies and music, and this year’s production will see a blending of those two genres on stage at TCCHS.”

As we all are aware, Todd County Central High and our community are so very blessed to have a state-of-the-art auditorium that can be utilized to bring the countless talents of so many folks onto the stage and into our lives. If you saw the performance last year, please be sure to spread the message about the high caliber of a performance that can be anticipated this year. If you were unable to see the performance last year or failed to do so, please plan ahead and make certain one or several of those dates – April 22, 23, or 24 – are on your calendar! I know you will not be disappointed!




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