Guest Blog: TCCHS Alumni Association


The TCCHS Alumni Association Launches Its Website and Facebook Page

 By: Carolyn L. Wells

Todd Central High SchoolThe beginning of the school year 1963-1964 saw students and teachers awaiting their entrance into a modern high school equipped with all the new furnishings – new desks, new science equipment, new textbooks, new books in a library, a new cafeteria, new industrial arts and vocational areas, and many new faces as the former high schools scattered throughout our county converged onto the campus of Todd Central, a structure located close to the Elkton city limits on Clarksville Street. That year saw a group of seniors abandon their former schools to embrace one from which in a few short months they would graduate – I imagine that was quite an adjustment for students who had more than likely spent their earlier years in the same school setting, most of them in a school very small in size in comparison to Todd Central and very limited in its academic offerings.

Fast forward the clock to the 2013-2014 school year, and many new faces now walk the halls of a now renovated and much larger TCCHS as they complete a momentous year in the life of any school, whether it be one at the elementary, middle, secondary, private, public, or collegiate level. This school year, the 50th year in the history of TCCHS, will end with the Class of 2014 exiting the building once more to begin their journeys in life beyond the high school setting. Obviously, that scenario has been encountered 49 times during those previous 49 years, and this year will again see the seniors of TCCHS become the high school graduates they are now working to become. It would indeed be interesting to research the number of students this current school year who have links back to the original graduating class of 1964.

As many folks are aware, a group of alumni and friends of Todd Central are currently working to form an alumni association aimed at uniting the 49 years of graduates who have walked and exited the halls of TCCHS. Obviously, the records of those early years at Todd Central are not computerized, and the alumni association is presently creating a database of information about the 49 years of students who have graduated. When you consider that many of those early years had senior classes with nearly 150 or so graduates, then you can fathom how difficult it is to pull in all the names of the many students who have graduated, perhaps a total approaching over 4900 folks with a minimum of 100 seniors a year and a total approaching over 6000 with years averaging 125 graduates. 

That task is indeed one the alumni association is asking the public for help with using their new website as the route for former students and graduates to enter their current information including their physical address, year of graduation, and interest in joining or assisting the association. The WEBSITE is also serving as a medium for communication of events the alumni association is planning. Again, the organization is in its infancy, and all the ‘goals and objectives’ of the organization have not been finalized; however, the motto of the organization is evident on its home page – “Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future.” 

Because of the vast number of friends of Todd Central, the association is also interested in involving the general public and not just alumni only. To become a member of the association for a year as either a graduate or a friend, the membership fee is $10.00, and for a lifetime membership, either for former students or friends of TC, a minimum contribution of $200.00 is requested. Since the association is working under the umbrella of the recently founded Todd County School District Foundation for Excellence in Public Education, Inc., the alumni association has tax-exempt status, thus making donations to the organization tax deductible.

Obviously, we realize that many of the graduates of Todd Central are scattered throughout the world, and the website will allow those individuals an opportunity to become involved in helping Todd Central to celebrate its rich heritage. I know personally students who live in Guam, in Hawaii, in Spain, in New York City, in California, and in myriad other places scattered not only in the United States but in other nations as well. I also know students who have made their marks in professions as doctors, lawyers, construction workers, engineers, educators, farmers, business owners, chemists, accountants, pharmacists, ‘stay-at-home’ moms, dental hygienists, and the many other professions the students of TCCHS have embraced. Todd Central can indeed ‘celebrate its past, present, and future.’ We invite you to become actively involved, and we ask you to share our link with those you know who are a part of Todd Central’s rich heritage. Our FACEBOOK presence is visible, and we also invite you to embrace that social avenue as well.

The next meeting of the TCCHS Alumni Association is Thursday, September 19, 2013, at the Todd County Board of Education at 205 Airport Road in Elkton. If you have questions, please email them to We sincerely hope you will become an active supporter of the alumni association and work to promote the ‘gathering of the 49 years of graduates’ who have been a part of the history of Todd Central. An unknown writer contributed this quote – “Homecoming unites the past and the present.” For Todd Central the effort is ongoing to embrace the 49 years of its past to bridge the gap to its present and its future as well. 

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